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Tips for Planning Large Outdoor Holiday Events

As the holiday season approaches, event personnel are in full gear planning harvest festivals, Thanksgiving parades, Christmas tree lightings, visits from Santa, New Year’s parties and more. With each event, organizers will want to make certain their guests are not only satisfied with their holiday experience, but safe as well.
For decades, event planners have used temporary chain link fencing and pedestrian barricades to assist with perimeter security and crowd control. An experienced rental site service company who understands the logistical challenges of the installation and removal of equipment in public areas is a big benefit. These same companies usually have working relationships with local officials. This not only greatly reduces overall planning and preparation, but can significantly decrease delays commonly associated with large events.
Depending of the type of event, permits may be required to coordinate street closures, crowd flow, and food service. Areas such as artist’s entrances, staging areas and equipment storage may also need special attention.
Health and sanitation issues can also impact the success of an outdoor event. Aside from permits needed for food preparation and service, portable toilets may be required for larger gatherings. While minimums are required by law, if alcohol is being served, the ratio of toilets to people increases significantly.
Make your next outdoor event success and keep those happy crowds in a festive mood. Plan early and use an experienced rental site service partner. A safe and well-planned event will make your next holiday an event your guests will want to remember for years to come.
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