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Deluxe Plus Unit Portable Toilets
National Construction Rentals' Deluxe Plus Unit is National Construction Rentals' Regular Unit on steroids.  In addition to a large capacity tank, this portable toilet comes equipped with a hands-free foot-operated fresh-water sink and hands-free flushable toilet.  In a word … convenient!
Deluxe Plus Unit


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This portable toilet pulls no punches. It is designed with rounded edges and a specially contoured 70-gallon tank to provide more room and a better experience for the user. Heavy-duty, vandal-resistant doors springs keeps each door tightly in place. Furthermore, with cascading wall vents for increased ventilation, convenience shelf, and in-use indicator lock, this restroom has all the bells and whistles you need in one complete yet compact unit.
Need extras? Containment pans for grey water, and a host of other accessories can also be requested. This restroom is great for residential and commercial construction, public works projects, disaster relief efforts and wherever there is a need for a solid and reliable sanitation solution.

Call National Constuction Rentals' sanitation experts today to learn more about our portable toilets, specialty units, solar units, restroom trailers and more.
Features & Benefits
• Hands-Free, Fresh-Water Sink
• Hands-Free, Flushable Toilet
• Seat Covers, Soap Dispenser
• Generous 70-Gallon Tank
• Weekly Sanitation Service

• Height: 7’ 6”
• Width: 3’ 8”
• Depth: 4’
• Door Height: 6’ 4”
• Seat Height: 1’ 8”
• Floor Area: 915 sq. in.
• Tank Volume: 70 gal.

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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