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When your needs require a restroom facility to be repositioned repeatedly over a large area, a trailer-mounted Towable Restroom is your best bet. Towable Restrooms save time, reduce costs, and make moving a portable toilet from one location to the next considerably easier than the hassle involved with moving a conventional restroom on skids.
Towable Unit
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Each Towable Restroom (Regular or Deluxe) comes on a single-axle trailer and can be attached to any car or truck using an industry-standard trailer hitch. These units are equipped with a convenient platform for easy entry, supported by two tires acting both to stabilize the unit and to assist in its relocation when your jobsite needs require it.

All of National Construction Rentals' Towable Restrooms come standard with rear reflectors, breakaway chains, and stabilizer jacks to keep the restroom in place when detached from a vehicle and positioned for use.

Over the course of a lengthy work project, trailer-mounted restrooms become the idea solution for landscapers, agricultural work, roadway construction jobsites, maintenance crews and for use on public works projects.  

Contact National Construction Rentals today to learn more about the benefits of a Towable Restroom and all the accessories you may need to assist you with completing your project goals.
Features & Benefits
• Single-Axle Towable Trailer
• Full Mobility for Ease of Use
• Stabilizer Jacks for Reinforcement
• Universal Trailer Hitch
• Rear Reflectors and Breakaway Chains

• Length: 9’ 6”
• Width: 5’ 8”
• Height: 8’ 9”
• Trailer Hitch: 1 7/8”
• Break Lights: 4-Wire Flat Plug

• Mobile Work Forces
• Utility Companies
• Farming & Agriculture
• Forestry Workers
• Media Entertainment Crews
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