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National Construction Rentals’ barricades are a great solution to aid with general safety logistics, crowd control and traffic enforcement. Barricades are also a perfect tool for limiting public access and for protecting valuable equipment and materials.

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Pedestrian barricades (also known as “bike barricades”) are a sensible solution, assisting the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic while safely securing restricted areas.  

Lightweight and portable, barricades are a practical solution for any situation where ease of use is important, space is a concern, and the speed of installation is paramount. Each barricade is made of heavy-duty welded steel with a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish. Multiple units can be easily joined together through a convenient hook and sleeve system to form a rigid and secure barrier over long distances such as public walkways and parking lots, and is a perfect solution to protect valuable equipment.

Contact one of National Construction Rentals' experienced Customer Service Representatives today for more information on how our pedestrian barricades can solve your crowd control needs.
Features & Benefits
• Made of Durable, Lightweight Steel
• Portable & Freestanding
• Easy to Install, Reposition and Remove
• Utilizes Hook & Sleeve Joining System
• No Digging, Posts or Sandbags Needed

• Hot Dipped Galvanized Construction
• 16-Gauge Steel, Corrosion-Resistant
• Width: 78.5” Height: 43”
• Weight: Approx. 42 lbs
• Large Tube: 1.5” Diameter    

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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