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Portable Toilet - Power Combo

One Powerful Portable

Toilet/Power Combo Portable Toilets
Designed for a jobsite with limited space and when a standard temporary power pole cannot be installed, National Construction Rentals’ Toilet Power Combo serves as both a construction toilet and a temporary power source.
Toilet/Power Combo
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This 21st century marvel from National Construction Rentals can connect to any overhead or underground electrical source with a 10-foot mast (for overhead connections) or sweep (for underground connections).  It also comes equipped with (1) 220v outlet and (2) 110v outlets and can also be configured for both 100 or 200 amp applications.
While toilet options will vary, each comes equipped with a large 70 gallon capacity, built-in wall vents for ventilation, heavy-duty vandal-resistant door springs, and a secure “in-use” indicator lock.  These conveniences create a reliable and secure environment while offering a surprising spacious interior. 
This portable restroom is most widely used on sites with limited space or where power poles cannot be installed. If space is an issue, National Construction Rentals’ Combo Power Restroom is the perfect solution. 

Call a National Construction Rentals' Customer Service Representative today for more information on this and other portable toilet and power options for your next project.
Features & Benefits
• Reinforced Lift Hooks
• High Tension Steel Cabling
• In-Use Indicator Lock
• Generous 70-Gallon Tank
• Cascading Wall Vents

• 7’ 6” H x 3’ 8” W x 4’ D
• 10’ Mast (Overhead Connections)
• Sweep (Underground Connections)
• (2) 110v Outlets
  (1) 220v Outlet
• Configurable for 100 or 200 Amps

• High-Rise, Multi-Tenant Projects
• Residential Developments
• Public Works Projects
• Commercial Construction
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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