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Temporary Power

Temporary Power

Temporary Power Temporary Power
Many construction projects require temporary power as an essential part of developing a new job site. Not only is a reliable power source critical for a successful project, but so is the expertise necessary to install it.

This service is available in California.
Temporary Power
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As a low-cost alternative to generators, National Construction Rentals’ power technicians are experienced in the installation of overhead and underground temporary power for a variety of uses.

The most cost-effective temporary power configuration is an overhead power source. National Construction Rentals’ experts use specialized augers to securely place standard 24’ or the larger 30’ black diamond poles below ground for a secure and stable result. For projects requiring full underground placement, trenching along with conduit and wire-pulling will get your project online and within budget in no time.

National Construction Rentals also offers an assortment of power options including single and three phase systems, high voltage needs, telephone wiring, stringer and sub poles, and stand-up electrical cabinets

For residential and commercial construction, public works projects, military bases and more, call the power professionals at National Temp Power to discover the right temporary power solution for your next project.
Features & Benefits
• Single & Three Phase Systems
• Overhead/Underground Installs
• Phone & Data Solutions
• Planning Consultations
• Permitting Services

• Height: 24’-30’
• 100 & 200 Amp Systems
• Step Up/Down Transformers
• Commercial Stand-Up Cabinets
• Certified Installers

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

When general contractors need a reliable temporary power solution, they call National Construction Rentals. For more than two decades, National has assisted with temporary power installations for single family residences, commercial construction developments, and public works projects. Simply put, National Construction Rentals is the preferred choice of construction professionals for experienced temporary power design and installation in California and southern Nevada.


From a simple overhead or below ground installation, to meter poles, sub poles, black diamonds, switch gear, spider boxes, transformers, distribution equipment and more, National offers a full range of temporary power products and services. Need increased amperage, custom configurations, permitting, telephone wiring, or lighting? National has you covered and will get your project planned, permitted, and online so you can get your job site running smoothly, on time and within budget.

Temporary Power

Overhead Configurations

The most requested, most used and most cost-effective temporary power configuration is overhead power distribution.  From 24-foot standard poles to 30-foot Black Diamonds, National’s professionals are expert in designing the right system to most benefit your project.  Overhead configurations are usually combined with stringer poles, sub-poles, and more.

Underground Installations

For underground temporary power systems, National will expertly design, trench, lay conduit and pull wire for the safest and most optimum configuration for your specific needs.  Need power for a construction trailer, power tools, lighting, security systems, and more?  National will work with you to provide the best solution for your specific project needs.

Temporary Power

Black Diamond Poles

For jobs requiring the need to clear obstacles that are taller than what a standard temporary power pole can accommodate, National Construction Rentals offers Black Diamond Poles for power distribution up and over obstacles  on a jobsite.  The best result of any power installation is with a solid, well thought out design.  Our consultants will work with you to ensure a well-organized strategy for proper power distribution.

Sub Poles

Sub poles are available in a variety of amperages including: 50-amp, 70-amp, 100-amp, 200-amp, and 400-amp.  Depending on the power requirements of your project, our power professionals will work with you to determine the most efficient design/use for your specific construction site needs.  For more information, click the Request a Quote tab on this page.

Meter Poles

Meter poles vary depending on the needs of the project and the equipment be used at the site.  National’s most commonly requested offerings include: 100 Amp Overhead/Underground, 200 Amp Overhead/Underground and 400 Amp Overhead/Underground.  Our power professionals will suggest and design the best system for your construction plans.

Stand Up Cabinets

The installation and use of stand-up electrical cabinets are suggested whenever there is a need for additional power requirements. Cabinets allow for the use of additional breakers and the ability to draw more power for your project. Big project require the right planning. Let National Construction Rentals show you the best plans for your next project.

Temporary Power

Phone Wiring

Beyond power, National Construction Rentals also offers the convenience of phone wiring services that can assist in the early stages of your construction site.  Phone wiring done in tandem with a power installation can reduce time, materials and complexities of adding items down the line.  Contact one of National’s friendly Customer Service Representative for more information on that will work best for your next project.

Quartz Lighting

For evening-hours work and after-hours security, National has the available option of including lighting to our power poles for added safety and well-being.  Lighting helps deter unwanted visitors and provide piece of mind when tools, equipment and valuable inventory remain onsite during off hours.  (See also National’s mobile storage containers for additional storage safety solutions on your construction site.)                                           

Equipment Connections

Construction jobsites require a variety of power needs.  Construction trailers and onsite equipment (hand tools, lighting, etc.) are the most often consumers of power.  Expert design and planning from National Construction Rentals power professionals will ask the right questions to ensure the power design you require will fulfill the onsite needs of your project to avoid unnecessary and/or costly delays.

Temporary Power


National offers three types of transformers that can be used as a power source.  Each has a different characteristic that will demand different types of material to be used for its installation:

• 120v/208v Transformers      
• 120v/240v Transformers      
• 277v/408v Transformers 

Power Customization

National understands that no two projects are ever the same and unique specs sometimes require one-off customization.  Working with your power professionals, you will be confident that National can assist you with custom designs for nearly any need.   If you don’t see it, ask us!  We are here to provide you with complete termpoary power solutions.

Temporary Power

Project Design Services

National Construction Rentals understands the intricacies involved in smart project design.  The wrong design can not only cause unnecessary delays but could add thousands of dollars in wasteful design and configuration costs.  Considering that temporary power is a critical baseline to the start of any project, don’t make the mistake of relying on just any temporary power installer.  Work with a power provider that has years of proven experience and the expertise to keep your jobsite on schedule and on budget.  National has provided temporary power services to California and Nevada businesses for nearly three decades, providing installations for commercial construction, housing developments, remodels and tenant improvements, public works projects and more.

Permitting Services

National Construction Rental’s permitting services perform just like a project manager working in the office with you and is as easy as picking up your phone.  Our permitting experience run the gamut, from city building and safety permits, to working with all relevant power suppliers (Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric, Nevada Energy, etc.).  Proper permitting allows for your installation to follow all to National strives to provide you with the resources you need to keep your project running smoothly.

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