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Construction sites are a beehive of activity.  Workers, earth moving equipment, dump trucks, and material deliveries are constantly on the go. With National Rent A Fence's swing and slide gates, your people and equipment will move safely and efficiently.  Available in a variety of heights, widths, and configurations, fence gates are built for making the workflow on your jobsite more resourceful.

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Swing Gates vs. Slide Gates

Swing Gates require a large area to operate. If the opening is 12 feet or less (such as a pedestrian entrance), a single swing gate is sufficient. Swing gates usually open inward (toward the property), unless impossible to do otherwise. For wider openings (vehicle entrances), double swing gates are recommended as this configuration requires less room to operate than a single, longer gate.

Slide Gates require very little room to operate and are a preferred option when a construction area has limited space, such as near a roadway, property line or permanent structure. The area around a slide gate must be level to allow each gate to move freely and parallel to the attached chain link fence for proper operation.

No matter your choice, workers will appreciate the added convenience and you’ll appreciate the versatility and increased efficiency to your jobsite.

Call one of National Rent A Fence's temporary fence specialists today to learn more and let us help you make your next project an unqualified success.
Features & Benefits
• Optimizes Job Site Efficiencies
• Perfect for Vehicles, Personnel
• Unlimited Installation Variables
• Swing or Slide, Single or Double
• Variety of Widths & Heights

• Gate Frame: 1-3/8”
• Line Post/Braces: 1-5/8”
• Gate Post: 2-3/8”
• Galvanized & Corrosion Resistant
• ASTM A392-06 Standards Compliant    

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction
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