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Portable Toilet Rentals - High Rise

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High Rise Unit Portable Toilets
When a high-rise construction project finally gets off the ground, so do your workers, literally.  National Construction Rentals has the ability to complement any multilevel construction site with lift packages on all of National Construction Rentals’ Regular and Deluxe Unit portable toilets.
High Rise Unit

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Each high-rise portable toilet National Construction Rentals offers is manufactured with secure, reinforced steel cabling, allowing positioning a breeze with the help of a forklift or crane. National Construction Rentals’ high-rise option is a sensible solution to complement any multilevel construction site or hard to reach location needing a sanitation solution.
All of National Construction Rentals’ Regular and Deluxe Units come standard with a large 70-gallon capacity, heavy-duty vandal-resistant door springs, and a secure “in-use” indicator lock.  Each also has the convenience of a generous array of cascading wall vents for superior ventilation. Combined, these conveniences create a comfortable, reliable environment while offering a spacious, efficient interior
High Rise Restrooms are a perfect solution for nearly any construction application where needs might require placing a restroom in a hard to reach location, whether it be on a commercial high-rise, a multi-level renovation, a public works project and more.
With sensible features in mind, National Construction Rentals’ High Rise Restroom will ensure your workers get the reliability, convenience and service expected from the nation’s leader in construction site services.
Features & Benefits
• Reinforced Lift Hooks
• High Tension Steel Cabling
• In-Use Indicator Lock
• Generous 70-Gallon Tank
• Cascading Wall Vents

• Height: 7’ 6”
• Width: 3’ 8”
• Depth: 4’
• Door Height: 6’ 4”
• Floor Area: 915 sq. in.
• Weight (Approx.): 185 lbs.
• Maximum Capacity: 1000 lbs.

• High-Rise, Bridge &
Tunnel Projects
• Residential Developments
• Public Works Projects
• Commercial Construction
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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