For Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Assistance Requiring Temporary Fencing, Pedestrian Barricades, Hand Wash Stations, Portable Toilets and Mobile Storage Containers, call 800-352-5675.LEARN MORE
For COVID-19 Emergency Assistance, call 800-352-5675. LEARN MORE


Outdoor Events Checklist

If you’re considering organizing a large outdoor event, keep a few things in mind:  How many people do you plan having in attendance? Where will the event be held? How will foot traffic flow around the event?  By answering these larger questions, you will be able to lay a foundation for finer details. Consider chain link fencing and barricades for any outdoor event.  Fencing and barricades help direct attendees to the right locations (and helps keep non-paying customers from crashing the party).  Equally important are the number of port-o-potties and comfort stations needed.  A plentiful supply of restroom facilities can make the difference between memorable experience and one you’d rather forget.  For a complete list of what is needed to plan your next event, refer to National Event Service’s helpful infographic.

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