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Planning Outdoor Events After COVID-19

The United States is finally getting the coronavirus under control. Almost half of the population is fully vaccinated, and life is starting to return to normal. Concerts, weddings, sporting events, fairs, festivals, and other outdoor events are expected to resume to their pre-pandemic level soon.

If you’re planning a special event, you know that toilet facilities are an essential component of outdoor events. Be sure there are sufficient sanitation facilities for all your guests. National Construction Rentals offers restroom trailer rentals in several sizes so you can keep guests safe and comfortable at your outdoor event.


Restroom Trailers We Offer


At National Construction Rentals, we provide upscale portable toilet facilities. An upgrade from the typical porta potties or outhouses, these high-class restroom facilities have deluxe amenities such as hot and cold faucets, seat covers, soap dispensers, vanity mirrors, and even heating and air conditioning. The 4-station and 8-station restroom trailer rentals also come with a stereo sound system.

We offer the following sizes for our restroom trailer rentals:

2-Station: This is a good option for small events. The trailer comes with two separate sides, with one station for men and one for women. Each side has one stall, which is more spacious than the average portable restroom.

4-Station: These trailers are best for medium-sized events. They come with two closed-off stalls on the women’s side, with a urinal and a stall on the men’s side. There are also floor-to-ceiling stall doors for privacy.

8-Station: These trailers are great for larger gatherings, allowing the lines to move quickly. There is one side for men and one for women. The women’s side has four closed-off stalls, and the men’s side has two urinals and two stalls.


CDC Outdoor Event Guidelines


When resuming outdoor event planning, safety needs to be a priority, especially since large events are still considered high-risk.  Make sure you take these Centers for Disease Control (CDC) safety guidelines into account.

Use adequate, clean restroom facilities.

- Wash your hands frequently.
- Social distance—stay at least 6 feet apart from other guests.
- Control crowds and establish traffic flow with guides, barricades, and other physical barriers.
- Wear masks if not vaccinated except when eating or drinking.
- Use disposable items when serving food.
- Avoid self-serve options for food and drink.
- Avoid serving alcohol, as alcohol consumption can make guests less likely to follow COVID guidelines.
- Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently.
- Make sure there are plenty of supplies to avoid sharing.
- Have touchless devices available, such as garbage cans and faucets. National Construction Rental has restroom trailer rentals and other services that can help keep your guests safe.


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Don’t let outdoor event planning overwhelm you over sanitation requirements. Make sure you have upscale bathroom facilities for your crowd. Contact National Construction Rentals to learn more about our restroom trailer rentals and request a quote.

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