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8-Station Restroom Trailer

Spa Series

8-Station Restroom Trailer Restroom Trailers
For those needing something a bit roomier than National Construction Rentals’ 2-Station Restroom Trailer, consider the luxury and elegance of National Construction Rentals’ higher capacity 8-Station Restroom Trailer.
8-Station Restroom Trailer

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Restroom trailer rentals from National Construction Rentals offer a “spa-like” experience away from the noise and crowds on the other side of its walls. The women's side features four spacious stalls with floor to ceiling doors, climate control, overhead music, frosted glass accent lighting and twin stainless steel sink basins and vanity mirrors.  For the men, there are two private stalls, two standing urinals and a twin-basin vanity. It also comes equipped with air conditioning and heating, music options, and the same tasteful finishes as the women’s side to ensure total comfort and privacy.

This restroom trailer is simple to move, position and set in place. What else did you ask? How about retractable, non-slip steps, locking handrails, and an advanced polypropylene tank and bottom sump configuration. What’s that? Well, that makes this unit the most odor-free waste tank system available on the market today. Impress your guests. Impress yourself. This restroom trailer is indeed in a class all by itself.

Call our experienced Customer Service Representatives and learn more today about National Construction Rentals’ luxury restroom trailers and other options available to you.
Features & Benefits
• Heating & Air Conditioning
• Hot/Cold Fresh-Water Faucet
• Soap Dispenser, Seat Covers
• Vanity Mirrors
• Stereo Sound System

• Length: 20’
• Width: 8’ 6”
• Height: 12’ including AC units
• Fresh: 200 gal. Waste: 750 gal.
• Men’s Room: 2 Stalls, 2 Urinals
• Women’s Room: 4 Stalls
• Weight: 8,490 lbs.

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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