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Porta Potty Calculator for Events

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need For Your Event?

Proper planning is the key to a successful outdoor event. Event organizers must take into consideration the safety, comfort and convenience of participants. For example, the lack of porta potties can ruin the event from the point of view of attendees. Therefore, it is important for organizers to provide enough portable restrooms.
To determine how many portable toilets are needed, these are some questions event planners must ask:

• How many attendees do you expect? More people require more toilets and frequent cleaning and pumping.
• How long will the event last? If it’s a multi-day event, use the number of hours of the longest day.
• Will alcohol be served? Consumption of alcoholic beverages will increase toilet usage by 30-40%.
• What is the level of physical activity involved? Runs and marathons will require more toilets than an art fair.
• What is the weather going to be like? Warm weather can cause event participants to consume more water which will increase toilet use.

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