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At National Event Services, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality temporary fence products and professional service to help you create successful, safe, and memorable events. With over 60 years of experience, leave the temporary fencing to National, so you can focus on what you do best – creating exceptional experiences for your attendees.

Temporary Fence Solutions


As the nation’s leading temporary fence rental provider, we have a variety of cost-effective solutions to ensure your event is secure and guests are safe. Choose any of the following temporary fence products, that best fit your special event needs:

Chain Link Fencing: In-ground chain link fences offer security and stability for long term special events or sites that require increased security. With posts driven into the ground, this fencing solution can be installed in sand, soil, or pavement.

  • • Panel Fencing: When post-driven fences aren’t viable or necessary, panel fences are a versatile solution that utilizes above-ground panel stands to provide a reliable barrier.

  • • Windscreen: Also known as privacy screen or scrim, our windscreen will help keep expensive equipment and materials out view, while offering a subtle and streamlined look, at your next event.

  • • Gates: Available in swing or slide configurations, fence gates are a quick and practical solution to create entry points for guests, vehicles, or authorized personnel.

  • • Fence Options: We offer a variety of fence add-ons to improve the safety and security of your event. High-visibility fence weights and sandbags offer added stability to fence panels while top rail and barbed wire provide additional security to chain link fencing.

Benefits of Temporary Fence Rentals


Temporary chain link fence solutions offer a variety of benefits to help your next special event go on without a hitch. From added security, safety, and crowd control to its affordability and versatility, temporary fence rentals from National are an obvious choice.

Contact National Rent A Fence Today


Save your valuable time and reduce event-day stress and call National Rent A Fence to protect your next special event site. Our experienced team provides rapid and hassle-free installation and removal services, ensuring your fences are set up correctly and efficiently. Call our toll-free number or request a free quote today to discuss your specific requirements and choose the ideal temporary fencing solution for your upcoming event.

  • Security

    Temporary fence creates an economical and secure barrier against trespassers and for those wanting to limit public access.

  • Savings

    Rent A Fence can be installed quickly and at a fraction of the cost most other fence alternatives charge.

  • Options

    Whether you require in-ground posts, panels with stands, top rail, windscreen, gates and more, National has it!

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