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Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals - Phoenix

Whether you are planning the upcoming company party or state fair, National Construction Rentals is ready to provide your event with top-tier portable restroom trailers in Phoenix, AZ. Have a spot where your attendees can cool off and relax during a warm summer's day, and take your event to a new level by ditching the portable toilets. From A/C to surround sound, you’ll feel like a movie star when walking into one of our luxury restroom trailers. 

Available in Three Sizes

Restroom Trailer Sizes


2 Station Restroom Trailer: Setting the set for a music video or maybe throwing an outdoor Qinceañera? A two-station restroom trailer rental in Phoenix can keep an intimate event relaxed and the party going.

4 Station Restroom Trailer: Planning a family reunion or company party at Lake Pleasant? Keep your guests hydrated and happy by avoiding portable toilets. Plus, with a four-station restroom, they will have a comfortable place to change in and out of bathing suits.

8 Station Restroom Trailer: Marathons, fundraisers, festivals, and any well-attended events will need at least one eight-station restroom. Visitors will want to stick around when there is a luxury restroom trailer on site. 

Restroom Trailer

Interior of a Restroom Trailer

Luxury Restroom Trailer


Our portable bathroom trailers come with all kinds of perks and amenities that you won’t find in other restroom rentals, including:

      •    Heat/Air conditioning
      •    Stainless steel sinks
      •    Vanity mirrors
      •    Seat covers
      •    Stereo sound system

Climate Controlled

Our restroom trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home … heat for cold weather climates, air cooled for warmer weather.

Upscale Experience

All National restrooms trailers offer well-lit interiors. While some are basic, others offer an upscale and first class atmosphere for special occasions

Spacious & Private

Each restroom trailer has interior lighting, spacious stalls and urinals. Our higher-end models include dual sinks, vanity mirrors and more.

Rent a Restroom Trailer in Phoenix, AZ Today!


Browse through our various bathroom trailers in Phoenix and book a restroom trailer for your upcoming event today. National Construction Rentals is ready to help you make this an occasion to remember.

2-station restroom trailer


Phoenix, AZ

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