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Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals

Searching for a lavish and convenient mobile restroom experience for your upcoming project or event? Look no further than National Event Services. Our selection is tailored to the needs of any job site. We offer restroom trailer renals in 2 station, 4 station, and 8 station configurations. Crafted to exceed the highest expectations of comfort and sophistication, our luxury portable bathrooms are the ultimate option for any special occasion or work site. From weddings, festivals, fairs, to concerts and more, National Event Services has you covered.

In the past years, opulent portable restroom trailers have gained immense popularity as a superior choice compared to traditional portable toilets. This surge in popularity can be attributed to their air-conditioned interiors, generously proportioned stalls, running water, and vanity mirrors. With over 60 years of expertise, rely on National to provide the latest cutting-edge restroom trailers in the industry. 

Available in Three Sizes

2-Station Restroom Trailer

National Event Services offers a variety of restroom trailer rentals, catering to diverse needs, whether you prefer a compact, modern design or a roomy, opulent setup. If you're planning an intimate event or a small get-together, our 2-station portable restroom trailer brings a touch of sophistication that traditional porta potties can't match.

Featuring distinct men's and women's stalls, complete controlled air temperature, LED lights,sinks with both hot and cold water, and exquisite accessories, this option provides location flexibility with the luxury and privacy of a conventional bathroom.

4-Station Restroom Trailer

When two stalls fall short, consider stepping up to our 4-station restroom trailer. Designed on a grander scale, this trailer offers a higher amount of toilets and an increased capacity freshwater tank.

Going beyond the offerings of our 2-station trailer, this midsize marvel incorporates a stereo sound system, floor-to-ceiling stall doors to ensure privacy, and a more expansive interior. These enhancements grant guests the opportunity to revel in the amenities while experiencing even greater comfort and space.

8-Station Restroom Trailer

Ideal for sizable gatherings, our unparalleled 8-station trailer is testament of excellence. The inside of this ample and welcoming VIP bathroom trailer has a genuine spa ambience, a haven from the crowd.

Beyond the amenities available in the smaller units, this spacius mobile restroom has six separate stalls, a pair of urinals, and dual vanity sinks. Bid farewell to bathroom queues and usher in a new era of convenience with our most sizeble bathroom trailer rental option.

Climate Controlled

Our restroom trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home … heat for cold weather climates, air cooled for warmer weather.

Upscale Experience

All National restrooms trailers offer well-lit interiors. While some are basic, others offer an upscale and first class atmosphere for special occasions.

Spacious & Private

Each restroom trailer has interior lighting, spacious stalls and urinals. Our higher-end models include dual sinks, vanity mirrors and more.

Rent Restroom Trailers from National Construction Rentals Today!

Grant guests and employees unparalleled comfort and convenience during upcoming events by enlisting the expertise of National Event Services. Reach out to us today to gather more information about our luxury bathroom trailer rentals or to request a quote. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and premium products to our clientele. National looks forward to assisting with all your luxury temporary sanitation needs!

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