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Mobile Storage Rentals in Tempe

In the bustling city of Tempe, Arizona, famous for its scenic Tempe Town Lake and the lively university life, National Construction Rentals provides top-tier mobile storage container rentals. Our secure and convenient mobile storage units are perfect for construction sites, special events, retail stores, and renovation projects.

These tough and durable mobile storage containers ensure expensive equipment, tools, and materials are protected from theft and the hot Arizona sunshine. Our mobile storage container rentals are constructed from robust, 14-gauge steel and feature a security lockbox, ensuring the protection of any valuables.

The durable build of our containers provides an excellent storage solution for any project in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and more. Give National a call today to get started on your mobile storage container rental in Tempe.

Available in Three Sizes

Storage Container Rentals in Tempe

One of the primary advantages of renting a mobile storage container from National Construction Rentals is the convenience it offers.

Our containers are delivered directly to the job site, eliminating the need for transporting items to an off-site storage facility.

This on-site mobile storage solution allows easy access to tools, equipment, and materials whenever needed, greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity.

We also offer a variety of storage container rental sizes to best fit your needs and budget. Choose between any of these options:

  • 10-ft Mobile Storage: Our smallest mobile storage unit provides 584 cubic feet of storage in a small footprint. Perfect for small home renovations or job sites that have a limited amount of space.

  • 20-ft Mobile Storage: The midsized container is suitable for most job sites providing 1,165 cubic feet of storage space. This versatile portable storage container can be used at construction sites, special events, retail stores, and more.

  • 40-ft Mobile Storage: Our largest storage container rental provides a ton of storage space. With double sided entry this container is great for large construction sites or events.

20' Portable Storage Container Mobile Storage Container


Constructed of weather-resistant 14-gauge steel, our storage containers are built to survive nearly anything Mother Nature dishes out.


With the convenience of a wide door opening and non-slip wood flooring, loading and unloading of equipment and materials is a breeze.


Whether your needs require a 10’, 20’ or 40’ unit, each mobile storage container comes equipped with a robust, secure lock box to deter theft.

Rent Mobile Storage Containers in Tempe, AZ

National Construction Rentals provides a comprehensive range of portable storage container rentals in Tempe.

Our temporary storage containers offer secure, durable, and convenient storage solutions, ensuring the safety and organization of materials and equipment.

Trust our decades of experience and friendly staff to provide the best products and service to your job site.

Call our toll-free phone number or click the request a quote button on our website to start protecting your valuables today!

Portable Storage Containers


Tempe, AZ

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