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20 Ft. Storage Container Rentals

More Stuff. More Storage.

20-Mobile-Storage-Container Mobile Storage
With high value tools, equipment and inventory routinely used on construction projects, National Construction Rentals’ 20-foot portable storage containers become a jobsite necessity for general contractors and construction trades alike.

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20 Ft. Storage Container Rentals

Construction projects, industrial sites, and commercial establishments require proper material handling and storage. Leaving tools, supplies, equipment, and inventory out in the open can invite theft, damage from the rain or extreme heat, or liability.
National Construction Rentals offers affordable 20 ft. storage containers for your commercial and industrial storage needs, construction projects, increased seasonal inventory, disaster relief and emergency situations. This robust storage unit includes 1,165 cubic feet of space and various features to keep your valuables safe and secure.



A 20 ft. storage container from National Construction Rentals comes with many features:
Heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel: These durable containers will keep your items safe and secure.

Weather-resistant: Protect your materials from rain, snow or mud, leading to damage  and loss of money. Our containers are water-resistant and can withstand the effects of inclement weather.

Security lock box. Theft is common on construction sites. Keep your tools and equipment secure with a lock box.

Non-slip wood flooring. Load and unload materials safely, without slipping or sliding.

Ground level access. Easily load and unload heavy items without the need for stairs or ramps.
Our 20 ft. storage containers are a great storage solution Whether you need them for short-term or long-term projects, these 20 footers are helpful in freeing up space  in industries such as:

- Construction
- Retail
- Manufacturing
- Healthcare
- Automotive
- Education
- Agriculture

The most size, the 20 foot storage containers can be placed in a standard parking lot space but are portable enough to be easily moved around and placed anywhere you need them.

Rent Your 20 Ft. Storage Container Today

Get a reliable rental partner for your storage container requirements. Protect your materials, excess inventory and tools. Keep your job site organized and secure. Contact your nearest National Construction Rentals location today to rent a 20 ft. storage container.
Features & Benefits
• Heavy-Duty, 14-Gauge Steel
• Security Lock Box to Deter Theft
• Non-Slip Wood Flooring
• Ground Level Access

• Exterior
  L: 20’ W: 8’ H: 8’ 6”
• Interior
  L: 19’ 3” W: 7’ 8” H: 7’ 9”
• Door Opening
  W: 7’ 8” H: 7’ 5”
• Cubic Feet: 1,165
• Weight: 4,000 - 4,500 lbs.

• Construction & Remodels
• Retail Inventory Storage
• Schools & Universities
• Landscaping & Maintenance
• Hospitality Industry

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