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Porta Potty Rentals for Weddings

When it comes to planning a dream wedding, every detail matters. From the choice of venue to the color of the flowers, each element contributes to creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re an experienced wedding planner or planning your own wedding, one often overlooked but essential component is restroom facilities. From outdoor weddings at a vineyard to a trendy farm wedding, portable toilets play an important role in keeping guests happy and healthy.

If your wedding venue doesn’t have permanent restrooms available, or you’re looking to add additional facilities that are guaranteed to be clean, portable bathroom rentals from National Event Services will ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. Having easily accessible portable toilets or upscale restroom trailers on-site ensures that guests will have a convenient and sanitary place to handle their business.

Why Rent a Porta Potty for Your Wedding?

Weddings are a special celebration, and every aspect should reflect the care and attention you've put into planning it. Portable toilets might not be the most glamorous part of wedding planning, but they can significantly enhance the experience for guests. If you’re considering renting a portable toilet for your wedding venue, here are some added reasons to ensure you’re making the right choice:  

  Weddings are often all-day affairs that involve a lot of drinks, including alcohol to celebrate. While your guests will likely need to use a restroom regardless, alcohol consumption results in more frequent bathroom use. Give them a close and convenient option to use the restroom and not distract them from the celebration.

  Luxury bathroom trailers and solar units are perfect for preparing. From make up application to hair touch ups, each of these options is equipped with a fresh-water sink, vanity mirror, and lighting to make sure you are looking your best.  

●  Hygiene is paramount, especially when serving food at your wedding. Many of our porta potties and all our restroom trailers come equipped with a fresh-water sink, soap, and ample supplies of toilet paper. This helps maintain the highest hygiene standards, ensuring the health and well-being of your guests.

Portable Toilet Options

At National, we offer a variety of portable toilet options to best fit your needs and budget.

Porta potties are a practical choice, providing a clean, durable facility for your guests. Our deluxe model comes with a hands-free, foot-operated sink, while the deluxe plus model offers a sink and a flushable toilet.

For an upgrade over standard portable toilets, we have 1-unit, 2-unit, and 4-unit solar restrooms. These portable bathrooms are equipped with a sink, flushable toilet, incandescent lighting, and plenty of ventilation, all with the convenience of being powered by the sun.

For ultimate luxury, restroom trailer rentals from National offer a stylish and elegant alternative to standard porta potty rentals. These trailers are designed with aesthetics in mind, featuring beautiful interiors, tasteful lighting, and luxurious finishes that match the overall wedding decor. Equipped with flushing toilets, floor to ceiling stall doors, and vanity mirrors, guests will love the oasis like experience our bathroom trailers provide.

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We know that planning a wedding can be a stressful ordeal, that’s why National Event Services offers high-quality toilets and a stress-free rental experience.  So, when you're planning a wedding, don't overlook the importance of these essential amenities – they'll help make your special day truly perfect. Contact us today for top-of-the-line rentals, at a great price, your guests will thank you.
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