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40 Ft. Storage Container Rentals

Big Project?  Big Storage.

40’ Mobile Storage Container Mobile Storage
When a larger, extended construction project demands maximum storage space, a 40 ft storage container from National Mobile Storage will exceed your expectations with durable construction, entry points on both sides, and smart security features.
40’ Mobile Storage Container
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40 Ft. Storage Container Rentals

Any commercial establishment, industrial site, or construction project can find themselves with excess materials, tools, equipment, and inventory that will not fit in their stores, classrooms, offices, warehouses, or job sites. Luckily, there is a quick way to solve that problem: a storage container.
National Construction Rentals offers affordable 40 ft. storage containers to securely store your valuables. These sturdy, reliable storage units provide 2,350 cubic feet of space, ideal for big projects or storing large items. Besides being durable, the 40 ft. storage containers have doors on both sides, allowing for easy access to any materials that are stored inside.



Here is why you should consider a 40 ft. storage container from National Construction Rentals:

Durability: They are made from 14-gauge steel, making them extremely heavy-duty. They are also weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, ice, wind, or extreme heat. All your materials will stay safe and secure.

Safety: Deter theft with our included security lockbox. You won’t have to worry about your valuables getting stolen.

Ease in loading and unloading: Our 40 ft. storage containers are designed with non-slip wood flooring to make it easier to load and unload materials. Ground level access also makes loading and unloading easy.  
Our 40 ft. storage containers can be rented for as long as you need them. Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, we have options to fit your needs.
These versatile storage containers are perfect for a variety of commercial uses. Construction sites can use them to store equipment, tools, and materials, or retail establishments may want to store inventory and seasonal items in a storage container. Offices can also use them to store furniture and other equipment, or schools may need one for unused desks and tables. The possibilities are endless!


Rent Your 40 ft. Storage Container Today

There are many reasons to consider a 40 ft. storage container. It’s a great option for larger project needs, and it can help your business operate more efficiently. Contact your nearest National Construction Rentals location today for more information about renting a 40 ft. storage container.
Features & Benefits
• Heavy-Duty, 14-Gauge Steel
• Security Lock Box to Deter Theft
• Double-Sided Entrance
• Non-Slip Wood Flooring
• Ground Level Access

• Exterior
  L: 40’ W: 8’ H: 8’ 6”
• Interior
  L: 39’ 3” W: 7’ 8” H: 7’ 9”
• Door Opening
  W: 7’ 8” H: 7’ 5”
• Cubic Feet: 2,350
• Weight: 8,000 - 8,500 lbs.

• Construction & Remodels
• Retail Inventory Storage
• Schools & Universities
• Landscaping & Maintenance
• Hospitality Industry
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