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The catastrophic damage from Hurricane Dorian is a major threat to life and property as flood watches and warnings are on the rise. National Construction Rentals is your partner in emergency response and preparedness. If you’re in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Savannah, Charleston or Wilmington and have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian, we are here to help.

Make sure National Construction Rentals is on your list of approved vendors whether you are a government official, contractor, business owner or private citizen. Many have come to rely on the expertise of National Construction Rentals to assist with some of the most high profile disasters in American history: the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center, Joplin, Missouri tornadoes, Hurricane Katrina, the Northridge, CA earthquake, the bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and more.

With fallen power lines, compromised roads and bridges, destroyed business and private property, perimeter security is critical to assessing damage and gaining control of your situation. Temporary chain link fencing and barricades are a perfect solution. In the hours, days and weeks after a disaster has occurred, safety needs to be quickly established as the long process of clean-up, inspections and reconstruction begin. Product details here...

Emergency Temporary Fence & Portable Toilets Temporary fencing from National Construction Rentals used in the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that hit Joplin, MO.

With utilities compromised, sanitation facilities for first aid workers, clean-up crews, construction workers and citizens must be quickly addressed. The sooner an area is stabilized and supplied with portable toilets, comfort stations, restroom trailers and hand wash facilities, the faster an area can begin being assessed and rebuilt. Product details here...

Emergency Temporary Fence & Portable Toilets Portable toilets and hand wash stations used during the weeks following the northern California gas explosion in San Bruno, CA.

After a disaster occurs, cleaning materials, building supplies, and construction equipment will be needed in vast quantities. There will also be a need for this inventory to be securely stored and easily accessible. With National Construction Rentals' 14-gauge, steel-constructed portable storage containers with secure lock boxes, piece of mind will be available when the time comes. Product details here...

Emergency Temporary Fence & Portable Toilets A National employee poses in front of the salvaged US Airways Airbus A320 that landed on the Hudson River in New York City.

Utilities are often the first thing to be compromised after a disaster of any kind. The sooner these are back online, the quicker an area can begin to recover. With National Constrution Rentals' temporary power solutions, sites needing to be reconstructed are done with fewer complications and less downtime with the help of a variety of above and below ground installation options. Available in California and Nevada only. Product details here...

Emergency Temporary Fence & Portable Toilets National Construction Rentals assisted with reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The complexities of post-disaster response require two phases: planning prior to any disaster, and recovery afterwards. Being proactive, having a disaster readiness program in place, and maintaining an up-to-date post-disaster vendor program will ensure your team will be prepared during the days, weeks and months following any unforeseen event.

For more information on National Construction Rentals' emergency services and getting our team on your approved vendor list, click on the Contact Us button and tell us a little more about your disaster preparedness needs.

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