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Deluxe Toilet

Surprising Comfort

National’s Deluxe Unit had all the features of our Portable Toilet but also include the benefits of a hands-free, foot-operated fresh-water sink to help keep your event and attendees germ-free! 

An impressive addition to any event, this restroom is designed with rounded edges to create a larger interior space, while the specially contoured 70-gallon tank provides a better experience for the user.
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Each Deluxe Unit comes equipped with ultra-smooth two-ply walls, a low-profile seat (making it possible to be used without sitting down), and heavy-duty vandal-resistant hinges to keep doors tightly in place.  With the benefit of cascading wall vents to provide superior ventilation, this porta potty is a perfect choice for nearly any event application, whether it be a weekend fair, road race, music festival, golf tournament and more.

With options including containment pans and additional sanitation services, your guests will surely appreciate the attention to detail you’ve taken by selecting this Deluxe Unit with the convenience of a sink.

To learn more about this or other sanitation options such as hand wash stations, restroom trailers and more, call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives today.
Features & Benefits
• Hands-Free, Fresh-Water Sink
• Generous 70-Gallon Tank
• Full-Ventilation Wall Vents
• Disposable Seat Covers
• Soap Dispenser, Paper Towels

• Height: 7’ 6”
• Width: 3’ 8”
• Depth: 4’
• Door Height: 6’ 4”
• Seat Height: 1’ 8”
• Floor Area: 915 sq. in.
• Tank Volume: 70 gal.

• Concerts, Festivals & Fairs
• Outdoor Public Events
• Parades, Foot & Auto Races
• Large Sporting Events
• Graduation & Awards Ceremonies

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