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Temporary Fencing: Affordable Security

Sometimes you need a barrier or an enclosure for your job site, but a permanent fence or gate isn’t a feasible option. That’s when temporary fencing can come in handy.

Temporary fencing solutions are often used for construction sites to keep tools safe and protect the public from hazards. However, they can be used for other purposes as well, such as providing barriers at festivals and other local events. 

Temporary Fencing Solutions We Offer

National Construction Rentals offers various options for temporary fence rentals, such as:

  • -Chain link fencing. This is one of the most popular choices for those who need temporary security. It looks good and keeps your job site well-protected. 

  • -Panel fencing. Fence panels are highly durable and resistant to corrosion. They are also highly stable, especially when used with sandbags. 

  • -Windscreen. A windscreen, as the name implies, protects against wind, which can be disruptive on a job site. These are also known as privacy screens, since they block the view of those outside the job site. This helps prevent the theft of valuable tools and materials.

  • -Gates. Gates can help improve the workflow of your job site, allowing for employees and vehicles to go in and out smoothly. We offer swing and slide gates in a variety of sizes. 

Benefits of Temporary Fencing 


Temporary fence rental offers the following benefits:

  • -Security. Temporary fences are an easy way to secure valuables at a construction site or event and limit access to the public. 

  • -Selection. There are several fencing options available, including panel fencing, barbed wire, and chain link fencing. You can also opt for windscreens and gates. 

  • -Savings. A temporary fence is cheaper than building one from scratch. Plus, it’s less time-consuming. 

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Temporary fences are great for construction sites, community events, and other uses. If you’re interested in renting temporary fencing, contact National Construction Rentals today.

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