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Temporary Fencing: Affordable Security

National Construction Rentals has been providing temporary fencing solutions to the construction and special events industry for the past 60 years.  From securing jobsites to providing barriers or enclosures for concerts, festivals and other outdoor events, National Rent a Fence, as it is also known, is the most trusted name in temporary fencing.

Available Temporary Fence Rental Solutions


National Construction Rentals offers various options for temporary fence rentals, such as:

Chain link fencing: This in-ground chain link fence is the affordable perimeter security option to enclose project sites. With posts driven into the ground, this fencing can be installed in sand, soil, or pavement.

Panel fencing: With sturdy panel stands, fence panels are choice of special events organizers for short term fencing or when in-ground posts are not feasible. Highly durable and resistant to corrosion, fence panels are also stable, especially when used with sandbags. 

Windscreen: Also known as privacy screen or scrim, this add-on blocks the view of those outside the job site. This also protects against wind, which can be disruptive on a job site. 

Gates: Gates can help improve the workflow of your job site, allowing for employees and vehicles to go in and out smoothly. We offer swing and slide gates in a variety of sizes. 

Benefits of Temporary Fencing 


Temporary fence rental offers the following benefits:

  • Security: Temporary fences are an easy way to secure a construction site or event and limit access to the public. 

  • Selection: There are several rent a fence options available, including the basic chain link fencing and panel fencing. You can also opt for add-ons such as windscreens, barbed wire, and gates. 

  • Savings: Renting a temporary fence is cost-effective and less time-consuming, allowing you to focus on major aspects of your project.

Contact National Rent a Fence Today


Temporary fences are a necessary component in safeguarding construction sites, outdoor events, and other commercial projects. If you’re interested in renting temporary fencing, contact National Construction Rentals today.

  • Security

    Temporary fence creates an economical and secure barrier against trespassers and for those wanting to limit public access.

  • Savings

    Rent A Fence can be installed quickly and at a fraction of the cost most other fence alternatives charge.

  • Options

    Whether you require in-ground posts, panels with stands, top rail, windscreen, gates and more, National has it!

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