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8 Tips to Avoid Construction Theft

The theft of machinery, equipment, tools, appliances and material supplies from construction sites pose a serious problem. Job sites are frequently the target of thieves due to easy access to unsecured materials and machinery. Large equipment like backhoes and utility trailers are a costly loss because of the investment needed to replace them. Power tools, copper, drywall and tiles are easier to transport, so they are the go-to items for thieves.
Not surprisingly, 90% of theft at construction sites occurs after 6 p.m. on Fridays and into the weekend, when no one is present to monitor the area. Tools, scrap metal, copper and compact loaders/skidders are most often stolen. Theft and vandalism account for up to $1 Billion in losses each year.

In order to avoid theft, it is important to secure your construction site with a security guard and temporary chain link fencing to keep thieves and vandals out. Portable storage containers are also a valuable investment.

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