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Temporary Power Poles in Temecula, CA

Temecula, CA seems to always have something going on. Between Temecula Valley Wine Country, Old Town Temecula, several festivals, and golf championships Temecula keeps growing and developing. And it has no time for letting lack of power get in the way.

It is not uncommon for construction projects to take place in locations that have not had power installed, especially as cities grow and expand to previously inhabited areas. However, construction job sites need the power to operate tools and equipment, provide lighting, enhance security, regulate temperature, support office trailers, run testing equipment, and offer on-site amenities.

That’s where National Construction Rentals comes in. We provide temporary power solutions that ensure productivity, safety, and security in Temecula, Murrieta, Winchester, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Corona, Fallbrook, and surrounding areas.

From planning and permitting services to transformer and spider box installations, National provides a comprehensive selection of temporary power products and services.

Options for Any Project

It doesn’t matter if you have a small construction project or a large-scale project, we have options to fulfill your needs.

Installations: Choose from the simple overhead configuration with poles to power your job site or an underground configuration that comes with National’s expert design, laying of conduits, and wire pulling.

Power Poles: We offer temporary power poles with heights ranging from 24’ to 30’, sub poles for power distribution with amperages from 50amp to 400amp, and meter poles with amperages from 100amp to 400amp.

Additional Options: Need the convenience of telephone services? You can add Phone Wiring to your temporary power system. Planning on having work done at night, or simply looking to increase security after-hours at your job site? We can install Quartz lighting. Have a lot of equipment, tools, and trailers to power? We’ll have your temporary power box ready for your power and outlet needs.

Regardless of the temporary power solutions your project requires, National Construction Rentals offers a wide range of options.

Temp Power Poles
Temporary power solutions

Customized to Your Needs

National knows every project is different and sometimes needs custom solutions. Any of our temporary power services or products can be adapted to fit your exact needs.

Temporary Power Box: Our power boxes can distribute power to multiple locations on your job site. They also provide a range of outlet types for all your voltage needs.

Temporary Power Panel: Also known as a spider box or distribution panel, our power panels are available when a higher capacity and more sophisticated power distribution system is required.

Stand-up Cabinet: Our stand-up cabinets allow for the use of additional breakers and the ability to draw more power for your project.

Transformers: Available in 120v/208v, 120v/240v, and 277v/408v configurations, they can increase or decrease voltage levels, isolate different parts of your power system, and ensure efficient power transfer between electrical components of different voltages.

Design Services: National’s professionals are adept at smart project design. No matter how complex your needs are, they will design the most efficient and cost-effective system.

Permitting Services: We can handle all permitting needs, including city building permits and coordination with power suppliers, guaranteeing that your installation complies with all regulations.

For temporary power pole rentals near Temecula, Murrieta, Winchester, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Corona, Fallbrook, contact National Construction Rentals today.


National’s power technicians are experts in the installation of overhead and underground systems, and a vast variety of options.


National is adept with single and 3-phase systems, loop systems, telephone wiring, commercial stand up cabinets, and more.


Under the right scenario, temporary power is a smart and low-cost alternative to other options on the market today.

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