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Porta Potty Calculator for Jobsites

How many portable toilets do you need for your jobsite?

Contractors are required to provide a clean and safe working environment for workers, clients and others visiting the jobsite. If properly set up and maintained, jobsite sanitation facilities such as porta potties, hand wash stations and potable water can protect people from diseases and improve employee productivity. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as cities and counties have set standards to ensure that portable restrooms are placed in areas where toilet facilities not connected to a sewer or septic system are not available.
The number of toilets needed for a job site is determined by the number of employees per shift. The ANSI standard for the construction industry is one portable toilet per 10 workers per 40-hour week. It is also recommended that the portable toilet unit be serviced and pumped weekly or bi-weekly.

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