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Hand Wash Stations at Construction Sites

The Importance of Portable Restrooms and Toilets

Employers in the construction industry are required to provide good working conditions for their personnel. One of the health and safety issues contractors have to consider is jobsite sanitation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has provided detailed standards, particularly the availability of accessible portable toilets (also known as porta potties), hand wash stations and hand sanitizers. Builders and contractors should comply with federal and local regulations to avoid citations and fines.

OSHA standards require one portable toilet at the rate of 1:20 workers. This rule applies where there are more than ten employees in the jobsite. An adequate amount of potable water shall also be provided.

Hand Washing Stations Code

Employers are also mandated by OSHA to provide adequate washing facilities for employees working with paints, coating, herbicides, insecticides, or other harmful contaminants. The hand wash stations must be accessible and close enough to the worksite.

Federal OSHA regulations set a minimum standard for all states. However, OSHA’s jurisdiction varies by state. It is important to note that there are varying state and local standards; some states and municipalities are stricter than others. For example, the California Code of Regulations require a minimum of one washing station for every twenty employees. Washing facilitates must also have an adequate supply of water, soap or other suitable cleansing agent and single-use towels or a warm-air blower. The hand wash stations must be located so that any time a toilet is used, the user can readily wash. Many local codes also require signage to indicate that the water is only intended for washing. In addition, the hand washing sinks must be located outside the portable restroom unless there are less than five employees and only one porta potty.

Rent National Portable Restrooms and Washing Stations

At National Construction Rentals, we provide construction portable site services, including temporary fencing, barricades, portable toilets, mobile storage containers and temporary power.

Our sanitation product and service options include a wide variety of toilets and restroom trailers to meet every contractor’s needs. From porta potties to specialty toilets, ADA restrooms and solar restrooms – our product line can meet every job site requirement. Our hand wash stations are free-standing and equipped with built-in handles for easy placement and relocation. The foot-operated pump enables simultaneous washing of both hands. Rental comes with paper towels and, with most models, soap dispenser or hand sanitizer.

Stay in compliance with OSHA and local codes with our help. You can depend on our experience of over 50 years as one of the largest full service rental companies in the country. Be sure to browse through our website to check out our construction rentals and services! Take a look at our hand washing stations and peruse our other available restrooms and portable toilets too.

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