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Construction Site Fencing Requirements

Job site safety is a priority in the construction industry. In addition to protecting their workers from potential hazards, construction companies must make sure that the public is not exposed to risks. OSHA construction regulations and city enforcement codes ensure that contractors comply with building codes and safety standards at all times.

Most local codes require 6-foot perimeter fencing in the work zone prior to construction, demolition or excavation, although specific rules and regulations vary by city and state. Construction equipment, materials, office trailers and dumpsters may only be stored within the fenced area. Access to worksites must be through a suitable gate which needs to be surely locked on evenings and weekends to prevent unauthorized access.

A reliable chain link fence company such as National Construction Rentals assists contractors to comply with job site fencing requirements at competitive prices. Their post-driven temporary chain link fences present a reliable, cost-effective solution that checks multiple boxes:

• Guarantees that the construction site is well-protected
• Limits liability
• Improves the overall aesthetics of the job site


Chain Link Fencing Specifics


Chain link fencing can be installed in a wide variety of surfaces, including sand, soil, asphalt, and concrete. The chain link fencing available through National Construction Rentals complies with ASTM A392-06 standards, complete with superior exposure and corrosion resistance. Plus, the service-oriented professionals at National will install the fencing with care and efficiency, making it the preferred choice of many in the construction industry.


Construction Site Regulations


Restricting unauthorized entry is an effective way to protect the general public. Contractors need to ensure that the public is not exposed to job site risks to prevent fatalities and serious injuries from open excavations, falls, electric shock and exposure to hazardous substances.  Signs on the fence should warn the public of danger and prohibit entry.

National Construction Rentals recommends the use of the following products to meet general requirements for workplace safety:

Temporary fencing: The chain link fence must be constructed with woven, galvanized steel wire with posts driven into the ground. The use of barbed wire and tension wire provides additional deterrents.

Windscreen: Some cities require an opaque green mesh fabric that is securely attached to the fence. This privacy screen provides a natural background while also creating a professional look to a high profile job. Plus, it adds security and wind & dust control.

Gates: A swinging pedestrian gate provides for access to the job site. A sliding gate is required where there is a driveway to facilitate the entry of trucks.  


Construction Fences and Much More with National Construction Rentals


Creating a safe environment for the workers and the general public is crucial to sustained success. National Construction Rentals has been a reputable partner of the construction industry for over 50 years, installing temporary fence to enclose and secure project sites. Aside from fencing, we provide temporary site services including barricades, portable restrooms, mobile storage and temporary power. Browse through our website to check how we can assist you comply with site services requirements.

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