Temporary Power

Temporary Power

Temporary Power Temporary Power
Many construction projects require temporary power as an essential part of developing a new job site. Not only is a reliable power source critical for a successful project, but so is the expertise necessary to install it.

This service is available in California and Nevada only.
Temporary Power
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As a low-cost alternative to generators, National Construction Rentals’ power technicians are experienced in the installation of overhead and underground temporary power for a variety of uses.

The most cost-effective temporary power configuration is an overhead power source. National Construction Rentals’ experts use specialized augers to securely place standard 24’ or the larger 30’ black diamond poles below ground for a secure and stable result. For projects requiring full underground placement, trenching along with conduit and wire-pulling will get your project online and within budget in no time.

National Construction Rentals also offers an assortment of power options including single and three phase systems, high voltage needs, telephone wiring, stringer and sub poles, and stand-up electrical cabinets

For residential and commercial construction, public works projects, military bases and more, call the power professionals at National Construction Rentals to discover the right temporary power solution for your next project.
Features & Benefits
• Single & Three Phase Systems
• Overhead/Underground Installs
• Phone & Data Solutions
• Planning Consultations
• Permitting Services

• Height: 24’-30’
• 100 & 200 Amp Systems
• Step Up/Down Transformers
• Commercial Stand-Up Cabinets
• Certified Installers

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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