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Temporary Power Pole System Rentals

We often take electricity for granted, but the truth is it’s not always available. Power can be limited in rural areas, making it hard to work on a construction site. While generators can help, they can’t always handle all your power needs. That’s where temporary power poles and other options can help. 


National Construction Rentals allows you to rent temp power systems in the following locations:

Temporary Power Options Available

We offer temporary power poles and other options for your electricity needs.

  • -Power poles. We offer black diamond, sub, and meter poles. 

  • -Transformers. We offer several types of transformers: 120v/208v, 120v/240v, and 277v/408v.

  • -Spider boxes. These allow for multiple power outlet sources throughout a job site so you can distribute power evenly. 

  • -Three-phase equipment. This is generally used for high load output in commercial or industrial jobs.

  • -Overhead/underground installs. Choose the best configuration for your needs. 

  • -Permitting services. National Construction Rentals can help you get proper permits. 


Benefits of Temporary Power Systems

When you choose National Construction Rentals for your construction site’s temporary power needs, you get the following benefits:

  • -Experience. Our technicians are experts in installing various types of temp power systems, including underground and overhead systems.

  • -Options. We offer a variety of options, including single- and three-phase systems, telephone wiring, and loop systems.

  • -Savings. Renting temporary power poles is an affordable way to get the electricity you need. 

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Get the electricity you need to operate your tools on your commercial job sites. If you’re interested in renting temporary power, contact National Construction Rentals today to learn more about your options.

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