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Comfort Station (on Skids)

Commercial Class

Comfort Station (on Skids) Portable Toilets

When your needs require something more than the average and ordinary, or you need the conveniences of home in a smaller footprint over renting multiple units, consider the benefits of National Construction Rentals’ Comfort Station (on skids) for your next project. 
Comfort Station (on Skids)

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For those wanting reliable comfort, National Construction Rentals’ high-capacity stationary Comfort Stations are your answer. With indoor lighting, freshwater faucets and air conditioning, our commercial class comfort stations fit the bill.
National Construction Rentals’ Comfort Stations are a welcome reprieve. The men’s side comes equipped with one stall and a trio of urinals, a fresh-water faucet, air conditioning, and plenty of room for multiple guests at one time. The women’s side features three enclosed stalls, two faucets, air conditioning and plenty of room to powder a nose or two.
Both men’s and women’s sides come equipped with mirrors, covers, soap dispensers, paper hand towels and a generous sized waste basket.
Unsure what to order? Call National Construction Rentals’ knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives today for more information on National Construction Rentals’ complete line of Portable Toilets, Comfort Stations and Restroom Trailers.
Features & Benefits
• Heating & Air Conditioning
• Stereo Sound System
• Hot/Cold Fresh-Water Faucet
• Soap Dispenser, Seat Covers
• Vanity Mirror

• Width: 8’ 6”
• Length: 17’ or 26’ (if available)
• Height: 10’ 6”
• Men’s Room: 1 Stall, 3 Urinals
• Women’s Room: 3 Stalls

• Commercial Construction
• Housing Developments
• Remodels & Tenant Improvements
• Public Works Projects
• Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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