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Mobile Storage Rentals in New York

From Time Square and the Empire State Building to Broadway and Central Park, New York City has it all. Similarly, National Rent A Fence has everything you need for your temporary storage requirements. If you need more space to store tools, equipment, materials, and supplies, National's mobile storage containers in New York are the perfect solution.

National Construction Rentals offers steel storage containers to meet the ever-growing need for storage space. Our storage trailers are strong, convenient, and portable. The steel storage bins are durable and secure enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Manufactured with 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, National's mobile storage bins come equipped with a hidden lock box to protect against theft and unwanted entry.

Available in Three Sizes

Storage Container Rentals in New York

National Construction Rentals offers several sizes of mobile storage containers in New York. Whether you need a little extra space or a lot, we’ve got you covered.

With three sizes of mobile storage to choose from, National has what you need. Choose from any of these sizes:

  • 10-ft Storage: This compact storage bin works great in offices, convenience stores, restaurants, commercial establishments and households where space is limited.

  • 20-ft Storage: Our 20-foot container is adequate for most storage requirements of construction projects, schools, hotels, and manufacturing companies.

  • 40-ft Storage: Equipped with doors on both ends for easy access, our largest container is recommended for big projects that require enough room to securely hold building materials and equipment.

Safety is also a key benefit of our storage units. The non-slip floors make it easy to move around and haul items back and forth.

Our portable storage containers are spacious enough to hold all of your valuables at your next job, whether it’s a public works project, a special event, concert, or skyscraper construction.

Whichever one you choose, National Construction Rentals will help keep your job site more organized and efficient.

20' Portable Storage Container Mobile Storage Container


Constructed of weather-resistant 14-gauge steel, our storage containers are built to survive nearly anything Mother Nature dishes out.


With the convenience of a wide door opening and non-slip wood flooring, loading and unloading of equipment and materials is a breeze.


Whether your needs require a 10’, 20’ or 40’ unit, each mobile storage container comes equipped with a robust, secure lock box to deter theft.

Rent Mobile Storage Containers in New York

Trust National Construction Rentals to help with your company’s portable storage needs. Whether its for a construction site, retail store, industrial facility or special event, call on National.

If you’re looking for mobile storage in New York, contact us today to learn more about the cost of mobile storage containers and choose the right one for your business’ needs.

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