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Downsizing Your Office Space? Consider Storage Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape and forced new ways of working. While some changes may be temporary, some companies are making drastic, long-term changes—like reducing office space.

Because companies realized that the work-from-home experiment did not affect productivity, 80% of companies have plans to allow employees to work remotely. The post-Covid forecast estimates nearly 70% of companies are planning on office space downsizing. Some are eliminating office rentals altogether.

That’s where National Construction Rentals comes in. We can help your company with your office space downsizing with our reliable mobile storage containers.


What We Offer


At National Construction Rentals, we offer storage containers in the following sizes:

10 feet: This compact bin offers 584 cubic feet of space. This is a great option for smaller companies that don’t have a lot of equipment to move.

20 feet: At 1,165 cubic feet, this medium-sized container is twice as big as our smallest option. It’s large enough to hold all your materials but still small enough that you can easily transport it if needed.

40 feet: This is our largest container for office space downsizing, boasting 2,350 cubic feet of space. It has room for your largest equipment, tools, and furniture, making it great for large companies that are reducing office space.


Tips for Office Space Downsizing


Moving from a large space to a smaller one can seem daunting. Here are some tips to help you move seamlessly.

Get rid of bulky equipment: If you’re increasing remote work or do the hybrid model of working, then you may be able to do away with some items such as desks and other furniture.

Make documents virtual: A lot of companies still hold on to hard copy documents, but these can take up a lot of space. Converting paperwork to digital documents and storing them in the cloud will make files accessible to remote workers and reduce the need for space.

Rent rooms as needed: Many companies rent virtual offices that share meeting room facilities or rent rooms as needed. Many business centers offer this option.

Rent a storage container: Office space downsizing is easy with portable storage containers from National Construction Rentals. We have several options to choose from. Each one is durable and secure for peace of mind. You can also easily move these bins from one place to another.


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In the process of office space downsizing? Consider a storage container instead to store equipment, tools, inventory, and other business essentials. Contact National Construction Rentals to request a quote today!

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