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Temporary Power Poles in Oxnard, CA

The city of Oxnard is best known for its large strawberry farms and beautiful beaches. But, with so much farmland, it could be difficult to access a reliable power source. That’s where National Construction Rentals comes in. Just as Oxnard is famous for their strawberries, National is known for its reliable temporary power solutions.

Forget the expensive and noisy generators that disrupt Oxnard's tranquility. We offer reliable temporary power poles, spider boxes, and electrical transformers that deliver a steady, dependable flow of electricity to your job site. For any project in Oxnard, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, and more, call the experts at National for power rentals you can trust.

Options for Any Project

Every construction project has its own unique requirements. Whether you're building a vibrant new shopping complex overlooking the ocean or a charming historic restoration in the heart of the city, our diverse power solutions cater to your specific needs.

We offer a variety of pole heights, transformer capacities, and cable options to ensure you have everything you need for your next project.

• 30' Black Diamond power poles
• 100 or 200 amp systems
• Sub Poles: 50, 70, 100, 200 or 400 amp options
• Meter Poles: 100, 200 or 400 amp
• Transformers: 120v/208v, 120v/240v, or 277v/408v

Our experienced staff collaborate with you to design a customized system that seamlessly integrates into your project, ensuring flawless operation and keeping your timeline intact.

With over 60 years of experience in the temporary site service industry, National can provide anything you need for your next project in Oxnard.

Temp Power Poles
Temporary power solutions

Customized to Your Needs

Our temporary power options are customized to best fit your needs. We also offer planning and permitting services to ensure your power set up is running smoothly and up to code.

Stop wasting time with extensive paperwork and tedious planning and call National. We have a variety of temporary power pole options to best fit your needs.

Our standard poles stand 24’ tall and ensure any job site has access to reliable temporary power. Our Black Diamond power poles are 30’ tall and add extra durability for clearing tall obstacles or buildings in your work site.

If your job site does not support above ground power poles, we can also provide underground temporary power solutions. We will design, trench, lay conduit, and pull wire for the safest and most optimum configuration for your needs.

Trust our proven track record of excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We're dedicated to supporting your project from start to finish. Request a free quote today!


National’s power technicians are experts in the installation of overhead and underground systems, and a vast variety of options.


National is adept with single and 3-phase systems, loop systems, telephone wiring, commercial stand up cabinets, and more.


Under the right scenario, temporary power is a smart and low-cost alternative to other options on the market today.

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Oxnard, CA

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