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Temporary Fence & Barricade Rentals in Midland, TX

Midland, Texas is known for dust storms, friendly neighbors and a booming economy that will always need temporary chain link fence, fence panels, pedestrian barricades, windscreen (scrim), and fence gates. Where do you get those? Well, there’s only one rodeo in town… National Rent A Fence!

Whether it’s a road-improvement project in Gardendale, a 10K road race in Stanton, or a new gas station in Andrews, Midland trusts National Rent A Fence’s over 60 years of experience assisting construction, special events and government agency needs. Call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives today or click the Request A Quote link on this page and ask for your free quote today. National Rent A Fence. Rentals Made Easy.®

National Rent A Fence chain-link fencing is a reliable and cost-effective perimeter security solution for job sites in Midland and surrounding cities. Our temporary fences can be installed in sand, soil, pavement and more, with posts driven beneath the ground. Call us today for the best temporary fence solution for your project.

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If your job site in Midland needs temporary fencing but in-ground posts aren't an option, National Rent A Fence panel fences are a great option. Our panel fences feature reliable and sturdy panel stands, and set up is easy and customizable. For a temporary fence solution you can count on, choose the experts at National.

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Easy to transport and install, barricades are a perfect option when you need to control the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic at your site, create lines, restrict access to VIP areas, or to protect your materials and equipment. Choose National when your next project in Midland needs dependable and cost-effective temporary fences.

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Need extra security or a reliable barrier from blowing dirt and debris at your jobsite? National's windscreens are a great option. We offer a variety of colors that are sure to provide a streamlined look at your project site. For a site security solution in Midland you can count on, trust the nation's leading supplier of temporary fences.

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National Rent A Fence offers plenty of gate options for your projects in Midland. Swing gates are typically used for large entryways while slide gates are preferred when space is limited. Plus, we also offer vehicle and pedestrian gates in several sizes. National has all the options you need for the best fence setup.

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Fence add-ons such as top rail, tension wire, barbed wire or sand bags are available in Midland to enhance the strength of an existing fence or to improve overall security. When your project needs a customizable and affordable temporary fence solution, choose National Rent A Fence to find the best fit for your all your projects.

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In addition to our high-quality fencing options, we also offer bike rack barricades to manage foot traffic and ensure safety at your event or construction site. These lightweight and durable steel barricades are easily portable and can be quickly set up to direct crowds, control access points, guide vehicular traffic, or create walkways. With our pedestrian barricades, you can efficiently manage and organize the flow of people while prioritizing their safety.

At National Rent A Fence, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive solution for all your temporary fencing needs. Contact us today to discuss your fence rental requirements in Midland, Texas. With National Rent A Fence as your trusted partner, you can be confident in receiving top-quality equipment, exceptional service, and peace of mind for your project or event. Let us help you create a safe, organized, and efficient environment with our reliable temporary fencing solutions.

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