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Temporary Fencing and Barricade Rental in Macon, GA

While Macon, Georgia might be known for its beautiful cherry blossoms, museums and music festivals, National Rent A Fence is known for its temporary chain link fence, fence panels, pedestrian barricades, windscreen and fence gates. We understand the unique character and community spirit of Macon, a city known for its rich history, delicious food, and incredible music scene.

Whether you're organizing a construction project, a community event, or a private gathering, our wide range of rental options are here to help you create a safe and successful environment. Call or click to get your free quote today for any project you may have, whether you need assistance in Macon, Forsyth, Cordele, Augusta, Atlanta and more. National Rent A Fence. Rentals Made Easy. ®

Temporary chain link fences from National Construction Rentals are a smart choice when you need a cost-effective and durable site security solution. Our in-ground chain link fences can be installed in a sand, pavement, soil and more, so when you need a temporary fence solution you can count on in Macon, choose National.Product Details
Does your project need a temporary fence solution but doesn't allow for in-ground fencing? National's panel fences are the perfect alternative. The sturdy panels and panel stands can create a durable barrier at any of your job sites in Macon. Choose National to find the best temporary fence solution for your upcoming projects.Product Details
Lightweight and durable, barricades from National utilize a hook and sleeve joining system to create a stable barrier over long distances. Whether you need to manage the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, create lines, or section off restricted areas, barricades are a great choice for any of your projects in Macon.Product Details
Made of durable and weather resistant polyethylene, windscreens from National provide a barrier to blowing dirt and debris and add an extra level of security to your job sites in Macon. Available in a variety of colors, our windscreens create a streamlined appearance and aid in reducing job site theft at any of your project sites.Product Details
National Construction Rentals offers several different gate options for your projects in Macon. Whether you're moving your crew, building materials or machinery on and off your job site, gates from National ensure everything moves efficiently. Swing gates allow for a large entry while slide gates are great when job site space is limited.Product Details
Temporary fence options from National Construction Rentals can add security and stability to your existing fence setup in Macon. From top rails and tension wire to sand bags and barbed wire, we offer a variety of additional fence features that can be added to your fences. Customize your setup with help from the experts at National.Product Details

The Leading Temporary Fence Company in Macon, GA

Safety is our top priority, and our temporary chain link fences are built to provide a reliable and secure barrier. From construction sites to outdoor festivals, our temporary fences offer the protection and peace of mind you need. We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of workers and attendees, and our fences are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

For events that require crowd control and organization, our bike rack barricades are an invaluable tool. From concerts and sporting events to street fairs, our steel barricades help create designated pathways and maintain order. With their sturdy construction and user-friendly design, our barricades ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone attending your event.

At National Rent A Fence, we're proud to be a part of the Macon community and support your projects and events. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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Macon, GA

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