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When your needs require moving people, vehicles and supplies quickly throughout an event or temporary site, consider the convenience of strategically placed swing and slide gates from National Event Services.  Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, swing and slide gates are a practical solution for food deliveries, vehicle and vendor entrances, and points of entry for event guests and employees.

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Gates Options
Swing gates are recommended for larger areas. Double swing gates are the best choice for wider openings such as vehicle entrances or when a high volume of people traffic is anticipated, For a pedestrian entrance or when openings are 2 feet or less, a single swing gate is adequate. Swing gates usually are usually set up to open inward toward the property, but may be customized to do otherwise.

Slide gates are a good option when an event area has limited space, such as near a roadway, property line or permanent structure. The area around a slide gate must be level to allow each gate to move freely and parallel to the attached chain link fence for proper operation. 

Whether you choose a swing gate or a slide gate, your venue will have a convenient and worry-free site  access solution for your special event or temporary site. So if you are planning site access for foot or vehicle traffic, National Event Services will guide you in selecting the best gate option for your site. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of renting swing and slide gates. We are here to help you design what will work best for your next special event.
Features & Benefits
• Site Access for Vehicles and Personnel
• Flexible Set Up and Installation 
• Choice of Swing or Slide Gate
• Available in Single or Double Gate
• Available in 4', 6" and 8" heights

• Gate Frame: 1-3/8”
• Line Posts 1 5/8″ diameter galvanized posts
• Gate Posts 2 1/2″ diameter galvanized posts
• Galvanized & Corrosion Resistant
• ASTM A392-06 Standards Compliant    

• Perimeter Security for Temporary Sites
• Concerts and Festivals
• Outdoor Sales and Promotions
• Emergency and Disaster Services
• Christmas Tree Lots


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