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Hand Wash Station

Clean Hands.  Clean Conscience.

What do you get when you have lots of people, lots of food, and a full day of event activities?  Smiling faces and dirty hands!  Keep those smiling faces going but make those filthy hands disappear with the convenience of a free-standing hand wash station from National Event Services. 
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With several models to choose from, each of National’s hand wash stations offer a variety of options including: the convenience of a foot-operated fresh-water faucet, soap (or hand sanitizer) dispenser, large capacity fresh and grey water tanks, and a generous supply of paper towels.
Repositioning all of our hand wash station is also a breeze.  Every model has an efficient compact design and all are equipped with build-in lift handles for easy placement and relocation.
Eliminate that uncomfortable burden of being isolated so many miles away from home and learn more about how National Event Services can supply you with hand wash stations and other option available for your specific event  needs.
Features & Benefits
• Hands-Free, Fresh-Water Pump
• Towel Dispenser
• Hand Sanitizer (some models)
• Large-Capacity Tanks
• Efficient, Compact Design

• Width: 22.5”-26.5”
• Depth: 19.1”-22.5”
• Height: 58”-64.5”
• Fresh/Waste Water: 20-23 gal.
• Soap Dispenser: Varies

• Concerts, Festivals & Fairs
• Outdoor Public Events
• Parades, Foot & Auto Races
• Large Sporting Events
• Graduation & Awards Ceremonies
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