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When city ordinances require an “insurance policy” to prevent grey water run off for special events, National Event Services’ containment pans placed at the base of a portable toilets is the perfect solution.

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Containment pans are inserted beneath the base of a porta potty and insures an additional level of security against unwanted spillage.  Specifically designed to extend slightly beyond the edge of a portable toilet, each containment pan maximizes the collection of grey water while minimizing the capture of outside elements such as rainwater.  Containment pans are a great solution for both limited and extended special events, especially for those located in cities where ordinances require added coverage.
Are National’s containment pans durable?  You bet.  National’s containment pans will stand up the to the rigors of day-to-day activity, rigidly holding their shape and available to fit all of National Event Services’ Regular, Deluxe and Deluxe Plus portable toilets.   Made of durable HMWPE, each are impact-resisistant and provide years of outtstanding performance regardless of terrain or climate. 
Whether your event needs require a single containment pan for a simple remodel, or twenty for a more for a complex construction project, call one of National’s friendly Customer Service Representative today for more information or simply click on the Request a Quote link on this page and a representaive will get back to you shortly.
Features & Benefits
• Smart-Fit for Portable Toilets
• Reinforced Construction
• Rounded Corners
• Minimizes Rain Water Capture
• Low-Profile Construction

• W: 45” H: 3.5” L: 48”
• Capacity: 18 gal.
• Weight: 20 lbs.
• Material: HMWPE
• Color: Black

• Concerts, Festivals & Fairs
• Outdoor Public Events
• Parades, Foot & Auto Races
• Large Sporting Events
• Graduation & Award Ceremonies

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