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National’s Regular Unit features a surprising number of end-user benefits. With a smart design and great price point, you’ll be able to give your attendees reliable comfort with a minimum wait time, allowing your guests more time to enjoy your event!
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Every event planner needs a detailed sanitation solution.  Some key questions to consider when organizing your next event include:  How many total attendees are expected?  How many hours each day will your event last? Will alcohol be served at the event?  What will be the ratio of women to men? 

The answers to these and many others  questions will affect whether your guests are standing in line for hours or doing what they should be doing … enjoying your event!  Let National Event Services help you fill in those blanks and provide you with solutions.
With a generous 70-gallon tank and a secure “in-use” indicator lock, this portable toilet offers a spacious interior along with a clean and inviting appearance.  Rounded edges and a contoured tank provide a comfortable experience your event guests will appreciate.  Lastly, numerous cascading wall vents increase interior ventilation, making this porta potty a favorite for any occasion.

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Features & Benefits
• “In-Use” Indicator Lock
• Generous Cascading Wall Vents
• Oversized 70-Gallon Tank
• Vandal-Resistant Door Springs
• Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

• Height: 7’ 6”
• Width: 3’ 8”
• Depth: 4’
• Door Height: 6’ 4”
• Seat Height: 1’ 8”
• Floor Area: 915 sq. in.
• Tank Volume: 70 gal.

• Concerts, Festivals & Fairs
• Outdoor Public Events
• Parades, Foot & Auto Races
• Large Sporting Events
• Graduation & Awards Ceremonies
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