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Holding Tank

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A special event has pently of moving parts including the need for water, power, sanitation and more.  Holding tanks are part of the solution allowing onsite personnel the ability to work more efficiently and with fewer disruptions.

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National Event Services’ holding tanks are the perfect answer for both weekend and extended special events lasting weeks at a time.  Made of high-quality, impact-resisistant polyethylene, National’s holding tanks provide years of outstanding performance regardless of terrane, climate or overall site conditions.
National’s holding tanks are constructed with two internal pillars and reinforced corners perfect for standing up to the rigors of sliding, dragging and positioning across rough and tumble enviroments.  All external fittings are securely molded in place and all connections and ports are set back to guard against the wear and tear of daily use and months of being exposed to the elements.  National’s holding tanks are also conveniently designed so joining additional units together to increase overall capacity is literally a snap.  Translusent in color, each tank is design to do its job with as little oversight as possible so you can focus on your job at hand.  Call it peace of mind.
For more information on this and other sanitation accessories, contact on of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at 800-352-5675 or click on the Request a Quote link on this page.
Features & Benefits
• Large 250-Gallon Capacity
• Low-Profile Construction
• 6 Recessed Ports/Connectors
• 2 Internal Support Pillars
• Impact-Resistant Corners

• Capacity: 250 gal.
• W: 48” H: 18” L: 72”
• Weight: 110 lbs.
• Ports: 6
• Material: Polyethylene

• Concerts, Festivals & Fairs
• Outdoor Pubic Events
• Parades, Foot & Auto Races
• Large Sporting Events
• Graduation & Awards Ceremonies

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