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    High-Visibility Fence Weight

    Top Rail Top Rail

    Confidently secure your next project with the addition of National’s high-visibility fence weights. 

    With a low-profile design, these panel weights work perfectly on any project needing safe and secure perimeter fencing.

    For more information on this and other fence accessories, contact one of National Rent A Fence's friendly Customer Service Representatives today.

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    Sand Bags

    Made of tightly woven nylon fabric, sand bags and are useful in adding stability and preventing movement to fence panels. Weighing in at a hefty 34 lbs., sand bags are often used near areas with a heavy pedestrian presence, in areas prone to high winds and when windscreen is used.

    Sand Bags are typically placed on panel stands to provide maximum support and minimum interference.

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    Top Rail

    Top Rail adds additional strength and provides the look of permanent fencing without the high price of similar security options.  Made of galvanized 1-3/8" diameter steel piping, Top Rail is easy to install, prevents a fence line from sagging or being bent, and is known for its rigid stability. 

    Top Rail is a great solution for busy residential areas, downtown settings, perfect for foreclosures, and where extra security is needed to secure a prominent location.

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    Tension Wire

    Another security feature used for event applications (concert settings, etc.) is high strength Tension Wire.  Typically placed at the top of the fence, Tension Wire is installed by weaving it along the top of a chain link fence. 

    This application strengthens the fence and prevents it from being altered (by vandalism or fence hopping) or if installed at the bottom, prevents the fence from being lifted off the ground.  Used in both urban and suburban settings, Tension Wire reinforces security and keeps intruders out.

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    3-Strand Barbed Wire

    3-Strand Barbed Wire is a superior security deterrent, sending a strong message about anyone who might want to attempt to gain illegal access to your event site.  Installed on the posts at the top of your fence, National’s 3-Strand Barbed Wire is angled outward making it exceeding difficult to gain entry. 

    Used primarily on our 6 and 8 foot chain link fences, 3-Strand Barbed Wire deters unwanted entry, especially useful in areas prone to vandalism.

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