Steel Barricades: Flexible Control


From fun-filled festivals and captivating concerts to marathons, county fairs, sporting events and more, we understand that guest safety is one of the most important facets to consider when planning a special event. That’s why, for over 60 years, National Event Services has focused on providing reliable pedestrian barricades and other temporary fence products to the event industry. Steel barricades are essential for ensuring crowd control, security, and the smooth flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Whatever your next project, call on the experts at National Event Services to provide durable and reliable bike rack barricades at a competitive price.

Benefits of Barricades


Barricade rentals from National offer a variety of features and benefits to help keep your event running smoothly.

Security: Our high-quality barricades are made with 16-gauge, corrosion-resistant steel that are designed to withstand the rigors of any event site. From the hot Phoenix sun to the frigid winters of Chicago, our barricades will keep restricted areas secure and equipment safe.

Versatility: Pedestrian barricades are a versatile option, that can be easily configured to meet your specific event needs. Whether you’re changing the flow of traffic or making new ticket lines, the hook and sleeve joining system makes installing and repositioning a breeze.

Safety: The primary benefit of using our barricades is the enhanced safety they provide. By clearly defining pedestrian pathways, preventing access to restricted areas, and hindering overcrowding, our barricades help to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of all event participants.


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With decades of experience in the special event industry, we understand the unique challenges that event coordinators often face. Our team of professionals can provide valuable insights into barricade placement and configuration, helping you to optimize the layout of your event. With expert installation and friendly customer service representatives, make National Event Services your one stop shop for all your temporary site service needs.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and secure your upcoming event with quality pedestrian barricades. With National Event Services, safety and organization are just a rental away!

  • Convenience

    National’s barricades are portable, light-weight and interlocking for added stability and peace of mind.

  • Security

    Barricades are very useful for keeping individuals away from restricted areas and dangerous equipment.

  • Durability

    Each barricade is made of heavy-duty steel with a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish, perfect for a variety of uses.

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