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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Porta Potty?

When planning or organizing an outdoor event, having adequate toilet facilities is not only essential for your guests’ comfort, but it also may be required by law.  

Porta potties, or portable toilets, are great options when you need temporary toilets for events or work sites. But you may be concerned about the cost. How much is it to rent a porta potty? There are many types of toilet options, and the pricing will reflect the features and benefits of each one.


Standard Portable Toilets


Standard portable toilets are what everyone thinks about when talking about porta-potties. They are the most basic model, but they’re practical and reliable. They’re ideal when you don’t need anything too fancy. You can rent one, two, or more. They work best for small groups of people, such as:  

● Construction sites with few employees
● Parking lots
● Small weddings
● Campsites
● Outdoor parties
● Bicycle races  

As they are the most basic model, they are also the most affordable. When researching the prices for rental, some factors to consider are:  

● How often you want it serviced
● Location
● Duration of rental


Deluxe Portable Toilets


Deluxe portable toilets are a step up from standard portable toilets. Each includes a foot-operated sink with fresh water, making it more convenient to stay hygienic while at an event or job site. This simple upgrade can provide your guests with a little more comfort. They’re great for larger events, such as weddings or group camping sites. They also work well for volunteers dealing with natural disasters, such as fires and floods.  

You may wonder: how much is it to rent a porta potty? With the extra benefits they are a little more expensive than renting a standard toilet. However, it is well worth the cost. Again, the price will vary based on location, how long you will rent it, and the servicing needs.


Deluxe Plus Portable Toilets


For even more features, consider deluxe plus portable toilets. These toilets are flushable have shelving, seat covers, paper towels, and soap dispensers. They offer a nice amount of convenience and cleanliness for events. They have a price point slight higher than the Deluxe portable toilets.


Portable Restroom Trailers


For the most comfortable option, consider portable restroom trailers. These VIP trailers can make you feel like you’re at home, as they offer a lot of space and more amenities. They are good options to provide a luxury experience or accommodate larger events with a lot more people, such as:  

● Sporting events
● Concerts
● Fairs
● Large weddings
● Movie sets  

There are three main sizes to choose from:  

2-station. This option comes with frosted glass lighting, tasteful decor, stainless steel sinks, and even overhead music. With an included heating and air system, you’ll feel comfortable all year long.
4-station. This larger restroom includes the same features but can accommodate more people.
8-station. These trailers accommodate even more people and feature stainless steel double sinks, full-length doors, and safety handrails. It’s almost like a spa experience.   How much it costs to rent this porta potty can vary widely, based on size and duration. While restroom trailers cost more than others, they have more options and are far more accommodating. And with all the luxurious features they are worth every penny!


Get Your Porta Potty Rental Today


For information on precise prices of porta potty rentals contact National Construction Rentals, our specialists will consider your events details to give you the best pricing. We take pride in having the cleanest toilets in the market. Call us today at (800) 352-5675 to learn more about renting portable toilets.

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