Sanitation Accessories

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    Hand Sanitizer

    Self-container hand sanitizers are a great option when water is not the desired choice or readily available. Hand sanitizers can be installed in portable toilets or used as a replacement for hand wash stations utilizing soap and water.

    National Construction Rentals' hand sanitizing solution kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and is a safe alternative to soap and water for hand hygiene.

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    Containment Pan

    Containment Pans are placed at the base of a portable toilet and used to catch waste water spills. Each pan is specifically designed to extend slightly beyond a portable toilet’s base, minimizing the capture of rain water while maximizing its purpose of collecting grey water.

    Containment Pans are not a necessity, and are usually requested when mandated by a city’s jurisdictional code.

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    Holding Tank

    Holding Tanks are most often rented for fresh and wastewater applications. Construction sites typically use holding tanks to capture wastewater runoff. Easily placed beneath a jobsite or work trailer, the generous 250 gallon tank provides an ideal and convenient wastewater receptacle.

    Holding Tanks are commonly used for grey or black water runoff for jobsite trailers, portable toilets and sinks.


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